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About Mongolia

National Holidays in Mongolia

Jan 01

New Year's Day

Feb 20

Bituun Holiday

Feb 21- Feb 23

Tsagaan Sar Holiday

Mar 08

International Women's Day

Jun 01

Mother's and Children's Day

Jun 04

Buddha Day

Jul 11 - Jul 15

Naadam Day

Nov 14

Genghis Khan's birthday

Nov 26

Republic Day

Dec 29

Independence Day

Fun Facts About Mongolia


Mongolia is home to the Two –humped camel (Bactrian Camel)

Popular Beverage

Fermented Horse Milk is a Popular Mongolian Beverage

About the nation

Mongolia is the most sparsely populated nation in the world with only 4.3 people per square mile

Welcome Food

People living in the Mongolian countryside are very welcoming with their traditional food offerings

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In Mongolia sheep outnumber people 35 to 1

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Mongolia has Asia’s second largest desert – Gobi Desert